Reliable and Accurate Transcriptions for Lectures and Seminars. Efficient Transcription Solutions for Educational Interviews and Materials.

Audio transcription is the translation of audio recordings into text format. We provide professional audio transcription services, utilizing neural networks and human correction (when necessary) to achieve high accuracy rates of up to 99%. The resulting text can be adapted to meet your needs, such as for publication on a website. Additionally, the information can be condensed, organized, irrelevant sounds can be filtered out, and time codes can be added.

The Benefits of Transcribing Your Audio Materials in Our Digital Studio:

Working with English and Russian languages.
1. 100% accurate transcription.
2. Final proofreading of the text by the editor to achieve the desired result.
3. Time Code and legible text.
4. Any convenient format of a text document.
5. Up to 10 hours of audio or video within 24 hours.
6. Urgent execution within 24 hours.
7. Budget transcription option – using only neural networks.
8. 100% confidentiality.

We accept for processing: audio, video, podcasts, conferences, shows, interviews, webinars, lectures.



  • Recognition using a neural network. Recognition accuracy up to 95%. Strongly depends on recording quality.
  • Variants of received files: txt, docx, srt, ttv.
  • Time code.
  • Execution within 3 days.
  • Cost: 120 rubles/hour.


  • Recognition using a neural network. Text correction by editor. Recognition – 100%.
  • Variants of received files: any format at the customer’s request.
  • Time code.
  • Execution within 4 days.
  • Cost: 400 rubles/hour.
  • Allocation of up to 2 speakers (if available).
  • Final correction by the editor.


  • Recognition using a neural network. Text correction by editor. Recognition – 100%.
  • Variants of received files: any format at the customer’s request.
  • Time code.
  • Execution within 5 days.
  • Cost: 600 rubles/hour.
  • Allocation of up to 5 speakers (if available).
  • Final correction by the editor with the removal of parasite words, text design and text editing in accordance with the rules of the language.

Transcription of highly specialised topics (to be negotiated separately after familiarisation with a small part of materials):

  • Court proceedings.
  • Materials of medical topics.
  • Materials of technical topics.


Additional services:

  • Editing of the text after transcription:
  • Without words-parasites, tautologies, hiccups, scraps of words:
  • Without mat and slang (with selected analogs in meaning).
  • Editing sentences in accordance with the norms of written speech, correction of speech errors (option “Text editing”).
  • With the designation of emotions, the presence of extraneous noises, pauses.
  • Translation of the edited material.
  • Placement in the form of html page.

Additional Services:

Literary editing (removal of filler words, colloquial expressions, completion of thoughts, correcting incomplete phrases, etc.)
Adding time codes by agreement
Typing from physical media, typing formulas and tables, graphs, pre-press preparation.

How to transcribe audio into text for the best result

1. Do not use multiple languages in the file.
To ensure the best results, the artificial intelligence model relies on the language selected at the start of file processing. Switching between languages in the audio will confuse the model.

2. The file should not contain music.
Background music or music alternating with speech can significantly degrade the quality of audio-to-text conversion.

3. The speech should be clear.
Although the model is the most advanced in the world today, its capabilities are not limitless. If the speech is unclear to a human, then the artificial intelligence is likely to struggle to accurately recognize and convert the sound into text.

4. Avoid extraneous noises in the background.
Significant background noises, such as street noise, ventilation sound, or rustling paper, can interfere with the audio-to-text conversion process. The model may perceive these sounds as part of the speech, leading to incorrect recognition of words or phrases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can audio be converted to text for free?
Yes, you can send files up to 20 minutes long for free processing.

How fast is the conversion?
The conversion speed depends on the duration, format, and size of the original file, but on average, one hour of audio is converted in 10 – 15 minutes. We use powerful servers for the fastest possible file processing.

Can anyone else see the files I send?
We treat data confidentiality very seriously. Your data will never fall into third hands. The text will be saved and available for download only to the user who ordered the processing.

How long are the files stored?
We do not store your files on the server. They are deleted immediately after processing. However, the processing results can be downloaded at any time.

What languages are supported?
We support 2 languages: Russian and English.

Can video be converted?
Yes, we convert both audio and video files into text. Simply upload the video and select the desired output file format.

My file was processed with errors, what should I do?
In case of an error during processing, the funds are refunded. The money will be returned to the card within 3 business days. If the speech in the audio recording is of low quality, errors in the text, omissions, and glitches may occur. Please write to us at, and we will definitely help you!

Our customers

 Urrah Community Alliance. A series of videos of a legal nature – ZEN. The total volume of 55 hours of audio lectures. Language Russian.

  Group “I am without food. Transforation”. A series of clips about a healthy lifestyle. Total volume – 7 hours. Language Russian.

  Association “Beekeepers of Chuvashia”. A series of videos for beginners beekeepers. 18 webinars. Total duration – 24 hours. Language – Russian.

  Foreign language school “Bilingua”, Cheboksary. A series of clips “English for Business”. Number of clips – 48. Total duration – 7 hours. Language – English.

  Media “Mathematics at School”. Rollers on IT – Google Analytics 4. Getting the certification. Total duration – 17 hours. Language – English.

  Community of legal experts “Against the robbery of housing and communal services”. A series of webinars on legislation. 5 videos. Total duration – 6 hours. Language Russian.


  Academy of All-Sacred Literacy. Training course. 15 lnctions. Total duration of about 33 hours. Language – Russian.


  All-Russian Foundation, “”. A series of webinars for adoptive parents. Total duration of 15 hours. Language – Russian.

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