Enhance Your Online Presence with our Expert SEO Analysis and Recommendations

SEO audit is the process of checking and analyzing a website in order to optimize its visibility and ranking in search engines. This primarily involves studying the structure and content of the site, as well as its technical components, to determine what can be improved to attract more organic traffic from search engines.

We will analyze your website thoroughly to ensure compliance with search engine requirements.

SEO site analysis is necessary if:

  • The website has low traffic, with almost no traffic from search engines
  • Rankings or search traffic have significantly declined
  • The website has been penalized by search engines
  • Money is regularly spent on website promotion without any results

Tariffs and prices for SEO audits

Express website audit

50 USD

For small websites, landing pages, and projects with limited budgets. We identify critical errors that prevent the site from ranking on top.

  • Manual analysis of the website
  • Check SEO characteristics of the website based on 50+ parameters
  • Identify critical errors
  • Check technical characteristics
  • Answer SEO-related questions
  • Duration: 3 business days


SEO site audit

90 USD

We identify the reasons for poor ranking of the website for key queries in Yandex and Google

  • Manual analysis of the website
  • Check SEO characteristics of the website based on 100+ parameters
  • Check for filters and penalties
  • Verify the correctness of tags important for promotion
  • Check uniqueness of texts
  • Check presence of the website in the Yandex and Google indexes (number of pages)
  • Check presence of the website in popular RuNet directories


SEO site expertise

130 USD

Similar to the SEO site audit, we check the SEO characteristics of the website. Additionally, we provide a more in-depth evaluation and a greater volume of information, focusing on the tasks you come to us with.

  • Full analysis, similar to the SEO site audit
  • Check 250+ parameters – SEO and beyond
  • Help identify the reasons for traffic decline
  • Check if any penalties have been applied to the website by search engines, determine the reasons for the penalties, and provide recommendations for their removal
  • Help check the correctness of the previous SEO company’s work
  • Create a technical assignment for traffic attraction, if necessary
  • Duration: up to 10 business days

Do I need an SEO audit for my website?

A search engine audit (SEO website analysis) is not just a checklist of basic optimization. It is a comprehensive analysis of a resource, as a result of which you will receive:

Deep website analysis. We will examine both the technical aspects and the content of the website. We will check the website’s history for any penalties from search engines. Based on the search engine audit, we will make conclusions about website promotion options.

Clear website KPIs. The technical audit of the website will show which metrics to pay attention to in order to track the website’s effectiveness on your own and always control the promotion process to the top.

Instructions for problem-solving. The SEO audit report is a ready-made specification for improvements. You can fix the errors yourself or seek our assistance. Order an SEO audit and receive a 3% discount on subsequent improvements based on our recommendations.

Frequently asked questions about SEO website audit

How long does an SEO website audit take?

The website audit work takes from 2 to 10 working days, and the duration of the audit depends directly on the chosen tariff and the number of parameters analyzed.

What if I already know about all the errors found?

If you are unsure, it is better to start with a free audit and promotion plan. Our specialists will analyze your website and tell you exactly whether you need a deep technical SEO audit or not. Before starting the audit, tell the specialist about all the errors your website has, and then we will look at other characteristics. In any case, write to us if you are not satisfied with the audit results; we will always resolve the issue in favor of the client.

Who performs the SEO audit: software or a human?

We have our own software that helps the SEO specialist conduct audits faster, but the main check is done manually. The value of our audits is that you get an expert assessment, not just a list of problems found by a machine.

Can you fix the shortcomings after the SEO audit?

Yes, of course, we convert each problem into a task, evaluate its significance in terms of importance and criticality specifically for your project, and provide clear recommendations for its elimination, which you can implement yourself or fully entrust us with.