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We offer the following services:

SEO audit of educational websites       SEO audit is the process of checking and analyzing a website in order to optimize its visibility and ranking in search engines. Basically, this means studying the structure and content of the site, as well as its technical component, to determine what can be improved to attract more organic traffic from search engines.

Transcription of educational content       Audio transcription is the translation of recordings from an audio track into a text format. We provide services of professional transcription of audio into text. Transcription is performed using neural networks and with subsequent human correction (if necessary), which allows you to achieve high accuracy rates – up to 99%. It is possible to adapt the recording to your needs, for example, for publication on the website. At the same time, information can be reduced and systematized, extraneous sounds are eliminated, timecodes are inserted.

Neural network text voiceover services       Voicing a text using a neural network means converting a written text into an audio file using artificial intelligence. The neural network is trained to recognize and transform text into speech to create a voice recording that sounds like a human voice. This can be useful for creating audiobooks, voicing news articles, as well as helping people with visual impairments or reading. Voicing text by a neural network allows you to create natural and realistic voice recordings.

PDF processing and editing services      PDF (Portable Document Format) is an electronic document format developed by Adobe Systems. PDF files retain structured information that remains unchanged regardless of the software and hardware on which they are opened. This format ensures accurate reproduction of the document, preserves the original format, fonts, images and other elements, which makes it convenient for use in printing, document exchange and distribution via the Internet. PDF files can contain both text and graphic elements, as well as multimedia objects, links and other information. They can be opened and viewed on various devices and operating systems using Adobe Acrobat Reader and other PDF programs.

      Editorial site “Mathematics at school” welcome to the educational resource dedicated to the study of mathematics.

Our publication is constantly developing, changing and supplemented with various interesting and informative materials.
Our online resource presents a lot of interesting materials for studying, repeating, testing the acquired knowledge, teaching mathematics.
On the website you will find:
1. Control works for academic quarters for different classes.
2. Tests to test knowledge in quarters for different classes (both current and final).
3. Tasks and examples for independent work.
4. Lessons on the main topics that take place in grades 1–11.
5. Presentations to various lessons for grades 1–11.
6. Olympiad tasks.
7. And much, much more…

All materials presented on our website are completely free.

In our humble opinion, our website will be of interest to kindergarten teachers, primary and secondary school teachers, students, as well as parents.

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